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Professor Viola Bennett has written a scathing review of Stephen Silkwood’s latest novel, finding his detective hero Max quite a brute–and now she gets to share a stage with him on a panel.  Oh, but there’s more: eleven years ago, when she was a tender 17-year-old, he was her first love, and her first kiss!

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Colton’s Deep Cover

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Chloe Moreno has faked her own death and fled across the country to escape her abusive, sadistic husband, Dr. Felix Moreno–plastic surgeon to the stars. Under an assumed name, she has resumed her former profession as a nurse. At first, her only problem is her incredible attraction to her boss, Dr. Derek Colton. Then, she starts to get wedding momentos that make her wonder if her cover has been blown. Who can she turn to for help except Derek, whose mission in life is to rescue others?

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Undercover Virgin

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Kyle Tremont, against his better judgement, has taken one last mission from his boss at the FBI–extract an undercover agent who’s been investigating the crooked Gregory Haroldson.  He knew that Rianna Sullivan was under deep cover, but the mob boss’s fiance? That’s pretty hardcore. When Rianna engineers their getaway, it goes off like clockwork, but Haroldson wants his fiance back…

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Passion to Protect

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Liane Mason has moved back in with her father, on his slowly deteriorating ranch, after her now-ex-husband was sent to prison. She has to heal from her physical wounds, as well as the emotional ones, and try to raise two kids, too! Old high-school flame Jake Whitaker is no help; her father had taken him in after he lost a leg fighting forest fires, and she’s been avoiding him. Until four escaped felons change everything for them all…

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Passion to Protect

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Liane Mason and her two children fled to her father’s decaying ranch after her testimony sent her abusive ex-husband to prison for embezzlement and attempted murder. She didn’t expect it to be so difficult to live in close quarters with Jake Whitaker, the high-school boyfriend she dumped before going off to college. Time has changed them both: she is scarred by her marriage, and he is by the fire that claimed the lives of four of his fellow-firefighters–and his leg. Then, a prison-break threatens all that Liane holds dear . . . Continue reading “Passion to Protect”

The Wicked Cousin

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Her fiance was tall, dark and handsome. A pity! When she wanted someone witty, kind and gentle.

–Cover Blurb, The Wicked Cousin

Byrony de Beaufre adores her cousin, Sir Lucas Bardine. Growing up on neighboring properties, they spent hours playing in their “castle,” an abandoned hermitage they discovered as children. Even now that Byrony is an adult and an Incomparable, she still regards Lucas as her closest friend–nevermind that he is grossly obese, chronically short of breath, and a figure of fun in society. He remains her kind, dear Lucas, whose generosity is unparalleled. He even rescued their charming, charismatic cousin Stephen from the slums and launched him in society. Then, Lucas vanishes without a trace. . .

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Amanda Lane is a woman bent on vengeance. Her sister was recently murdered, her classified work as a chemist linked with terrorists. Amanda is certain that the recent change in her sister’s career, and the modeling agent she was in love with, had something to do with it. She’ll use all her skill as an FBI agent to figure this mystery out…if dashing private security guru Bolt Tanner doesn’t distract her too much!

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Falling for the Enemy

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Bryce Lexington has a puzzle to solve–the lovely Paige Bradford has been researching him and his companies, and now is applying for a job with him.  He knows she’s the daughter of the former owner of a company he purchased, after the man committed suicide. But what’s her angle?

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The Highland Brooch

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The wealthy, raven-haired Fiona Cartwright has powerful enemies. She has spurned too many suitors, among them the dangerous Lord Morney, who had tried to make her his mistress. To exact revenge on the “Snow Maiden,” Lord Morney offers the only man who has caught Fiona’s eye ten thousand pounds to court her and get their engagement announced in the gazettes. Then the proud, impoverished Highlander is free to abandon Fiona at the altar. For Wallace Frazer, the wager is impossible to refuse–even if it is distasteful. After all, it was Fiona’s father who had driven his people from their land, wringing every penny of the fortune she inherited from his clan’s suffering.

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The Countess

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Countess Alexandreya Romanova is rushing from her provincial home in Bratz to St. Petersburg to help her sister Natasha. On the road, her carriage is nearly driven into a snowbank by a regiment of Cossacks, the personal guard of Grand Duchess Catherine. Soon after, at a roadside inn, she meets their enigmatic leader, Dmitri Varanov, who gives her his own room in the overbooked hostel. Although initially open-minded towards the peasant-born soldier, Varanov’s hostility towards aristocratic women, his vulger assumptions about her morality, and his violent attempt to seduce her turn Alexandreya against him. Unfortunately, Varanov’s position at court means that he is impossible to avoid.

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