Love Can Wait

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Kate Crosby is working for one of the most disagreeable women in the UK, it seems; she’s an underpaid housekeeper and cook for a cranky, self-absorbed old woman. But the Lady Cowder has the most interesting nephew!  Dr. James Tait-Bouverie comes to visit from time to time, and seems very nice. But surely he wouldn’t want anything to do with the likes of her…

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The Adventurous Bride

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Lady Mary Farren is a sensible woman with a scholarly bent and a love of art. Sadly, she’s spent years shut up in the country keeping house for her father, the Duke of Aston, all the while trying to protect her amorous younger sister Diana from total ruin. All she has to look forward to is her upcoming Grand Tour of France and Italy. What she doesn’t expect is to be saddled with her sister, who has no taste for art. Nor does she realize that her first purchase in Calais–an unfashionable fifteenth-century painting of an angel–would draw her to the attention of two different men. One is the ne’er-do-well sixth son of an Irish peer, Lord Fitzgerald, who has few scruples in his pursuit of fortune. The other is an implacable enemy who has absolutely no scruples in his quest to attain the painting.

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