For My Lady’s Honor

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In 1222, women had few options. They were completely at the mercy of their fathers to dispose of as they willed. But Lady Alys Delamare has finally convinced her parents to let her join a convent, where she will be able to pursue her true passion: writing chronicles of the adventures she wheedles out of everyone she meets. Perhaps as a ploy to be less attractive, perhaps because she’s so distracted by her inner life, Lady Alys seems to everyone to be a bit dim. Much to the surprise of Sir Padrig ap Huw–the man charged to escort Alys to her future home–there’s much more to his lady than he expected. Then, a raging storm sidetracks their train’s progress–and leads Lady Alys and Sir Padrig into an inconvenient romance . . .

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Vampire Sheikh

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Josslyn Haliday has suffered a lot of losses in Egypt. First, her mother disappeared into the desert, leaving behind her archeologist husband and three daughters. Then, years later, her father vanishes into the sands as well. Now, in the space of a single summer of research, both Josslyn’s sisters have gone missing, too. Gemma’s final words of warning echo in her ears: Beware the vampire.

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Verity Clifford does not look her best when she emerges from the convict hold in the ship’s steerage after the end of the long sea voyage to Jamestown. Unjustly accused of theft, the ex-governess has saved her virtue by trading away almost every scrap of her clothing. When Gray Garnett–a wealthy American plantation owner who has just been jilted by his intended British bride–sees her body so brazenly exposed, he has no doubt about her profession before her deportation.

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