Ranger Daddy

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Gabi Rafferty’s peaceful vacation with her daughter, Ashley, is interrupted by the news that her violent ex-husband has resurfaced and is suing for visitation. Terrified, Gabi grabs Ashley and starts driving to Yosemite Park. A few months earlier, she’d seen a handsome ranger’s photograph in the newspaper. Now, the only place she can feel safe is under that the protection of that man–the high school sweetheart who’d vanished into thin air so many years ago.

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Impoverished Miss, Convenient Wife

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Phoebe Benedict is prepared for a fight when she shows up (with a kitten) at Simon Clare’s doorstep. After all, he was expecting his sister Diana to come and care for his dangerously ill son, Robert. Instead, Phoebe arrives. Simon Clare is known for his temper, and he has been a recluse since he was injured and scarred by an engine upon which he was experimenting. He is also scarred by his past–one that he would hide from the delectable Miss Benedict. Only her skill with Robert persuades Simon to keep Phoebe on.

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The Twists and Turns of Love

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Major Adrian Chester knew he shouldn’t have taken a shortcut that took him off the main road out of London. Of course, the country boobies and the backroads led to his Phaeton’s wheel breaking and a most unacceptable delay in his journey north! It also, however, leads him to seek help at a run-down manor house, where the young, innocent, and impoverished Petula Buckden has been struggling to make ends meet since the death of her father. Enchanted by her sweetness, so different from the London charmers he’s used to, Adrian steals a kiss before he drives away, determined never to see the lovely maiden again.

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How to Lasso a Cowboy

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Jenna Reed, self-avowed dowdy schoolmarm (at the ripe old age of almost-thirty–don’t get me started!) has finally decided to do something wild, and see the world. She’s got a trip to Europe all planned for the summer break, and is rather excited about the idea of meeting a lovely man for a wild fling while she’s there…

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