The Unsuitable Miss Martingale

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The lovely, seventeen-year-old Miss Lili Martingale is out of place wherever she goes. Rescued from a convent by Cornelia and Beau Russell, she has been raised for the last four years on a farm. Now, it is clear that her beauty is turning too many heads and that she’s is not suited to farm life. On the double, Beau and Cornelia swoop in, take her back to their estate, and prepare her for an early come-out. Her age, extensive convent-education, her country ways, her ever-ready, thoughtless tongue, and her disregard for rank all stand in the way of her making a good match. Especially since the Russell’s neighbor, the Viscount Halpern, and his family suspect her to be an adventuress. The situation is made worse when vicious rumors about Lili’s parentage begin circulating around the ton.

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Expecting His Child

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Months ago, Noah Coltrane and Martina Logan had a steamy fling, while they were in Chicago. Once they’d exchanged names–which came after he’d charmed her thoroughly–they both realized how regrettable their affair was: their families have been enemies for a long time.  So they agree: when we leave here, it’s over. Enjoy it for what it is, then go home. But there are problems with that plan, you see…

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Her Secret Thrill

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Natalie Holcomb is used to the wealthy-socialite life; it’s what she was raised on, after all.  Not, mind you, that she likes it–she left her family, put herself through law school, and is climbing her way to the top in a prestigious New York firm, rather than stay with the family business. But she’s good enough at it to help her friend Liza put on a great party–and there she meets Jake Lannister.  There’s late-night coffee, and and early-morning fling..and then, they make an arrangement.

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Birds of a Feather

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Joanna Patterson and and Lord Sedgewick Wylie are as different as can be. The former is a clumsy, wool-gathering, bespectacled vicar’s daughter with a tendency to stammer when she’s flustered. Sedge is the pinnacle of fashion, and he can make or break a person’s reputation with a sharp word and a critical glace through his quizzing glass. All Joanna wants is to successfully find a suitable husband for her charge, Harriet. If only she could stop colliding with Sedge–literally–and navigate London society without making a complete cake of herself . . .

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For Love of a Pagan

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He had known her for just less than three weeks when he asked her to become his pillow-friend.

Paul Christos, wealthy Greek ship-owner and olive-grower, is used to getting what he wants–and he wants the young English tourist Tina for a mistress!

Trigger warning: Below the fold are spoilers, including suggestions and depictions of violent behavior.

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For My Lady’s Honor

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In 1222, women had few options. They were completely at the mercy of their fathers to dispose of as they willed. But Lady Alys Delamare has finally convinced her parents to let her join a convent, where she will be able to pursue her true passion: writing chronicles of the adventures she wheedles out of everyone she meets. Perhaps as a ploy to be less attractive, perhaps because she’s so distracted by her inner life, Lady Alys seems to everyone to be a bit dim. Much to the surprise of Sir Padrig ap Huw–the man charged to escort Alys to her future home–there’s much more to his lady than he expected. Then, a raging storm sidetracks their train’s progress–and leads Lady Alys and Sir Padrig into an inconvenient romance . . .

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Sarah Tallentire is in a difficult position: she is the daughter of a wealthy strip-miner in Rivertown, and the man she is involved with is an avid environmentalist who opposes everything her father represents. Lance Glover–a hill-person who rose above his roots and became a local school teacher–has always been fascinated with her. Then, suddenly, Sarah and Lance find themselves a married couple, living under her father’s roof. Sarah never anticipates the anger roiling through the Rivertown community until the strip-miners dig up the bodies of two children whose parents wouldn’t give up their land. This callous event leads to a bitter conflict between the hill-people and miners, Yankee welfare workers and conservative local factions, and Lance and Sarah. As the battle heats up, Sarah finds herself being ripped to pieces–to whom must she be loyal? Her father . . . or her husband?

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Big Sky Bride, Be Mine

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Jenna Bowen has had a rough, rough winter; both her parents passed away rather suddenly, and they were tending to her niece, the daughter of her sister who had died a few months before. So she adopts baby Abby, but the family farm is about to be auctioned off for back taxes–and the most-likely buyer is a businessman who wants to turn it into a football training complex!

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The Adventurous Bride

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Lady Mary Farren is a sensible woman with a scholarly bent and a love of art. Sadly, she’s spent years shut up in the country keeping house for her father, the Duke of Aston, all the while trying to protect her amorous younger sister Diana from total ruin. All she has to look forward to is her upcoming Grand Tour of France and Italy. What she doesn’t expect is to be saddled with her sister, who has no taste for art. Nor does she realize that her first purchase in Calais–an unfashionable fifteenth-century painting of an angel–would draw her to the attention of two different men. One is the ne’er-do-well sixth son of an Irish peer, Lord Fitzgerald, who has few scruples in his pursuit of fortune. The other is an implacable enemy who has absolutely no scruples in his quest to attain the painting.

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The Duchess Disappeared

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When the imperious Duke of Strathrannock suddenly summons his eight-year-old, orphaned niece to be raised as his heiress and the future leader of his Clan, her guardian, Fiona Windham, is filled with indignation. How dare the man who had–along with his bigoted father–disinherited her brother-in-law for marrying an Englishwoman try to separate Fiona from her ward? 

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