From Waif to Gentleman’s Wife

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Mrs. Joanna Merrill is a proud woman: when her husband dies, she is unwilling to throw herself into the care of her older brother. Instead, she works as a governess. When her lecherous employer forces her to flee with pennies in her pocket, she travels across the country to her brother’s house. When she arrives–famished, dirty, and frozen through–at the estate he manages, she learns he’s been dismissed from his post. In his place she finds the new manager, Ned Greaves, and promptly faints at his feet. As for Mr. Greaves, he has bigger problems than a mysterious woman at his doorstep. He is, in fact, Sir Edward Greaves, new owner of the impoverished and ruined estate, operating in disguise to uncover the criminal elements who are inciting locals to violence.

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The Rebel

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In between tours to Afghanistan, Army Ranger Finn O’Connor really needs to get his head screwed on straight; his parents were killed in a car accident during his last tour, so things are just different for him.  He’s got a growing discontent with what he is doing with his life, even though he loves serving his country.  It’s like something is just…missing.  So he goes to the place where his family used to vacation, to see if he can recover something of himself–and make amends for a mistake in the past, with a beautiful young woman.

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In His Loving Arms

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Mark Remington is sent by his adopted family to check on his brother’s widow, Lauren McKenzie.  She’s not getting out, not engaging, and they’re worried about her!  Mark really doesn’t want to go; he’s not seen her in seven years, for what he thinks are quite valid reasons, given what happened on the eve of Lauren and Nate’s wedding…

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