His Sheltering Arms

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Zach Miller’s got a job to do here.  The ex-cop, who now runs a private security firm, has been hired by a local shelter for battered women to help them secure their new location–a location for high-risk victims, such as the spouses of police officers. It’s all very hush-hush; the local philanthropists know what they’re building, but the location is a carefully-guarded secret. The shelter director, Erin Brailey, goes to show him around…and the sparks start right up!

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Years ago, the Duke of Darlington (aka “The Dasher”) found his cousin brutally beating his thirteen-year-old, half-starved daughter. Outraged, the Duke disowned her father and carried the injured girl to safety. Now, the Duke has learned that the tearful, bleeding child he left in the charge of a French convent five years earlier has turned eighteen. She’s also inherited an immense fortune that’s made her the target of fortune hunters. Immediately, the Duke sets off to Paris to retrieve her and do his duty, launching her in Society and securing a suitable husband. However, the young woman he finds is nothing like he expected: first, Fiona is stunning; second, she worships him as her savior; third, she is absolutely terrified of men.

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Somewhere to Call Home

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Rowan Adams and her roomie have been working at the resort all season, and it’s time for them to move on…but her pal has fallen crazy in love over the cousin of the resort owner, and wants to try to stay on longer.  Rowan and the owner, Fraser Delaney, just don’t get along, but she’s trying to help her friend. Things get out of hand when the girls end up working for the Delaneys–Rowen ends up as the housekeeper for Fraser!

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The Enemy’s Kiss

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Nicholas Drakon and his Romanian clan have finally been released from the centuries-old curse that turned them into stone by day and gargoyles by night. Now, just as the wealthy and dashing Drakon brothers are reintegrating into human society, a cat-burgler steals the first of two ancient runes that are the only things preventing a catastrophic reversal that would threaten the precious peace that had finally descended on Romania. Daniella Ferreria, the thief-with-a-heart-of-gold who is responsible for the first burglary, soon turns up at Drakon Castle, determined to get her hands on the second rune. Then, changing circumstances force Daniella and Nicholas to work together to solve their ever-growing problems (and their ever-growing attraction).

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