The Moonshiner

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Joan Yelland is just sick of it, okay? She’s sick and tired of being the wealthy socialite her mother has raised her up to be. She’s just got to get away for a while, okay? Just a break, really. So she flies from the social whirl of Sydney to her godmother’s home on a cattle station in the north of Australia. Landing in a DC-3, on a dirt strip in the middle of nowhere, the well-turned-out beauty starts an adventure she’ll never forget! On the two-day trek to her godmother’s home, in the company of their cantankerous niece Shelley, she fords a flooded river on horseback, and camps out in the bush overnight, hearing the didgeridoos off in the darkness, and meeting one of the reclusive “moonshiners” when she takes a short walk away from camp in the evening. Arriving at Lantana Station just as a cyclone hits, the adventure is just beginning!

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Fanny–raised as a poor relation by her jocular Uncle Edgar–is ready to seize her opportunity to flee England and become one of Florence Nightingale’s nurses. Then, she sees the two small children that she came to London to meet. One glimpse of her uncle’s new (also impoverished) wards–who have been shipped all the way from China–convinces the young woman that she cannot leave them to grow up at Darkwater without her.  How can she condemn them to the miserable childhood she herself endured?

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The Starved

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Maud Radford grows up in misery in an isolated house called Greystones. Her mother is a selfish spendthrift whose infidelity may have caused her husband’s death, and it is all Maud can do to look forward to the day the hateful old woman dies. When it finally happens, Maud takes control of her own destiny, lives her own life, and even falls in love. Yet, at the same time, there is something terribly, terribly wrong happening in Greystones . . .

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The Shadow Wife

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After a three-year affair that ended in heart-break, Louise Amberley is determined not to make the same mistake again. Therefore, when Otto Winther–a charming, handsome Dane–pursues the young travel-writer, she insists he wed her before she’ll let him into her bed. Unfortunately for Louise, her infatuation allows her to be rushed into a quick, secret wedding–before she discovers a series of devastating secrets about her new spouse.

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Reilly’s Return

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Reilly O’Neill has been in hiding, on the run, for years now; it’s a way of life for the ex-cop who helped put a powerful criminal behind bars. But he can’t resist seeing the only woman he’s ever loved again. He misses Mandy Edwards in a way he’s never missed anyone before. But will his return to her endanger her?

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The Waltzing Widow

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After almost falling prey to a fortune hunter during her first season, Lucy Percy flees to the country-side to escape the scandal. To secure her anonymity, she trades names with her aunt and companion. Now known as “Mrs. Percy,” who tragically lost her husband in the war, Lucy is ready for her peaceful, cottage retreat. Unfortunately, she attracts the ire of her neighbor, Lord Avedon. He suspects her of being a low-bred schemer bent on ensnaring his ward, a witless, wealthy young nephew and Lucy’s landlord. Thus begins a furious campaign: Avedon swears to evict Lucy Percy by any means necessary, and Lucy is equally determined to remain in her cottage and defy her tormentor.

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Expecting His Child

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Months ago, Noah Coltrane and Martina Logan had a steamy fling, while they were in Chicago. Once they’d exchanged names–which came after he’d charmed her thoroughly–they both realized how regrettable their affair was: their families have been enemies for a long time.  So they agree: when we leave here, it’s over. Enjoy it for what it is, then go home. But there are problems with that plan, you see…

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The Duke’s Wager

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It was not a fashionable night to be seen in the streets of London.

The Duke’s Wager

Although not as striking as the opening lines of Jane Austin’s Northanger Abbey or Pride and Prejudice, with this sentence author Edith Layton introduces a side of the Ton to which we are rarely exposed. No, this is not White’s or Almack’s. This is London’s demi-monde, where aristocrats hunt for new courtesans and trade those they’ve tired of to less prestigious and attractive friends. It is also a side where innocents can get themselves into a great deal of trouble. Regina Berryman, who has just arrived from the country to live with her new guardian, is determined to spend a night at the Opera, even if her uncle is away on a business trip. Little does she know that she’s picked the wrong night–and caught the eyes of London’s two most profligate rakes.

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Passion to Protect

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Liane Mason and her two children fled to her father’s decaying ranch after her testimony sent her abusive ex-husband to prison for embezzlement and attempted murder. She didn’t expect it to be so difficult to live in close quarters with Jake Whitaker, the high-school boyfriend she dumped before going off to college. Time has changed them both: she is scarred by her marriage, and he is by the fire that claimed the lives of four of his fellow-firefighters–and his leg. Then, a prison-break threatens all that Liane holds dear . . . Continue reading “Passion to Protect”

Birds of a Feather

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Joanna Patterson and and Lord Sedgewick Wylie are as different as can be. The former is a clumsy, wool-gathering, bespectacled vicar’s daughter with a tendency to stammer when she’s flustered. Sedge is the pinnacle of fashion, and he can make or break a person’s reputation with a sharp word and a critical glace through his quizzing glass. All Joanna wants is to successfully find a suitable husband for her charge, Harriet. If only she could stop colliding with Sedge–literally–and navigate London society without making a complete cake of herself . . .

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