The Secret Child & The Cowboy CEO

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Trent Sinclair is a powerful man; like many romance leading men, he carries grudges far longer than most mortals would, and does not forgive or trust anyone easily. Bryn Matthews lied six years ago, and was sent away from the only home she’d ever known with the Sinclairs. Or did she really lie?

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Baby of Fortune

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Philadelphia businessman Justin Bond walked out on his wife Heather a year ago. The stress of her miscarriage a few months before, and his own inability to empathize and help her cope, was just too much, and he walked. Now his life has changed; the famous and breathtakingly wealthy Fortune family has found him, and shown him that he’s one of their own; he wants his family back. But things have changed for her, too…

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At the Billionaire’s Beck and Call?

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Ryder Bramson has a plan–he needs to get control of his business conglomerate away from his two illegitimate brothers. To do that, he needs to buy control of a company that has holdings in the conglomerate…and to do that–the owner insists that Richard marry his daughter, Macy Ashley, herself a talented CEO candidate!

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Expecting His Child

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Months ago, Noah Coltrane and Martina Logan had a steamy fling, while they were in Chicago. Once they’d exchanged names–which came after he’d charmed her thoroughly–they both realized how regrettable their affair was: their families have been enemies for a long time.  So they agree: when we leave here, it’s over. Enjoy it for what it is, then go home. But there are problems with that plan, you see…

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The Boss’s Baby Affair

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Nick Valentine is a busy guy; running a big business, dealing with the death of his wife–and his problematic father-in-law–and raising the baby she left behind! When he comes back from an overseas trip, he discovers that the nanny had left, and his sister had hired a nurse to replace her, one Candace Morrisson, and she’s…gorgeous. But there’s something going on here…

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The Billionaire Gets His Way

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Violet Tandy is a new author on a mission; all she wants is a white picket fence, a home of her own, tranquil and alone–so she wrote a memoir about being a high-priced prostitute. Which, uhm, you know, she really isn’t, but can’t seem to convince anyone of. She writes her fiction very, very well, you see–so much that Gavin Mason is sure she’s integrated him into one of her characters and ruined his reputation!

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Falling for the Enemy

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Bryce Lexington has a puzzle to solve–the lovely Paige Bradford has been researching him and his companies, and now is applying for a job with him.  He knows she’s the daughter of the former owner of a company he purchased, after the man committed suicide. But what’s her angle?

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The Sheriff & the Amnesiac

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Sheriff Tyler Cook doesn’t get a lot of excitement in his small home town of Bridal Veil Falls; it’s a far cry from his days on the pro rodeo circuit. So when the call comes from the cafe that a strange redheaded woman is unable to pay for her meal, he’s gotta check her…I mean, the situation…out!  He gets more than he bargained for when the sassy stranger gets hit by a car while crossing the street right before his eyes…she doesn’t know who she is!

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Royally Pregnant

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Emily Bridgewater is in a bit of a spot; strange men have kidnapped her grandmother, and threatened to kill the old lady, if Emily doesn’t do their bidding…but their bidding is a dangerous thing itself: infiltrate Prince Dylan of Penwyck’s home!

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His Sheltering Arms

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Zach Miller’s got a job to do here.  The ex-cop, who now runs a private security firm, has been hired by a local shelter for battered women to help them secure their new location–a location for high-risk victims, such as the spouses of police officers. It’s all very hush-hush; the local philanthropists know what they’re building, but the location is a carefully-guarded secret. The shelter director, Erin Brailey, goes to show him around…and the sparks start right up!

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