Husband by the Hour

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Hannah Pace needs a pretend husband, just for the weekend! She’s told her long-lost mother that she’s married–well, she was, then, see, but isn’t now, you understand? So in desperation, she hits up the local bad boy Nick Archer. He’s a local wheeler and dealer who stays just on the good side of the law, but boy is he handsome…

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In Love With Her Boss

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Lori Hanson is trying to start over; she’s moved from the South, where she was born and raised, to small-town Montana, to try to connect with her mother’s roots, and get away from her abusive ex-husband.  She sure didn’t plan on falling for her first boss! Josh Anderson is tall, hunky, and hurt by the death of his wife three years ago. Clearly, these two damaged souls couldn’t manage to find each other…or can they?

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Dancing in the Moonlight

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Dr. Jake Dalton grew up in Pine Gulch, Idaho, and is pretty happy with his life, overall–he came back after finishing his studies to become the town’s doctor.  It’s tiring work, but well worth it.  As he’s headed home late one night, he spots a vehicle on the side of the road, a woman struggling to change a tire.  He’s not seen Maggie Cruz in a long, long time!

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