Ruthlessly Bedded by the Italian Billionaire

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Jenny Kent is a foundling, a nobody. But she has a friend, one Bella Rossini, who’s been helping her along of late, and they’re the best of pals, even loaning Jenny her name so that Jenny can work at the fabulous Italian-themed Venetian Forum market in her Australian hometown…until they’re in a car crash, and the real Bella is killed, and everyone thinks that she is Bella…

Meanwhile, in Italy, Dante Rossini has a problem on his hands; his beloved grandfather is dying, and wants to see the grandchild he has never met, and wants to make amends for banishing his own son from the family all those years ago. Dante must go to Australia, and bring Bella home!

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The Pregnant Mistress

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Samantha Brewster has really had it with her family trying to push one more “suitable” man on her, trying to matchmake–and she’s not looking forward to meeting dowdy old Greek shipping magnate Demetrios Karas. He’s not looking forward to meeting his friend’s dowdy old spinster sister-in-law, either, and he’s tired of the matchmakers in his life, too. Now, this gorgeous person the truly-hunky Demetrios met at the party in Sao Paulo…

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The Unexpected Husband

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Lydia Kelso, self-described old spinster (at 26?  puh-lease), is concerned about her older, more-flighty sister’s welfare. Daisy has apparently decided to have a baby by editorial cartoonist Joe Jordan, whether he’s cooperative or not. So Lydia goes to talk to him. Little does she know what she’s in for.

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The Italian’s Inexperienced Mistress

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Angelo Riccardi has a bit of a problem; he didn’t know, you see, that he’s the grandson of an infamous mobster! His mother had run away from the family, and never told him. Now, he’s swearing vengeance on the man she ran to…but that man has a daughter of his own, you see, from one of the other women in his life, and Angelo simply has not reckoned with Gwenna Hamilton!

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Phantom Marriage

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Tara is a single mom of twins; the story is that her husband died in an accident whilst she was pregnant with them, and now she’s too busy being a single mother to get involved with anyone, even with her employer, who’d clearly like to.  But she has a secret, about the real father of the children.

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