Lady with the Devil’s Scar

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When the shipwrecked Marc de Courtenay washes up on the shores of French-occupied Scotland, he is picked up by the badly-scarred Lady Isobel Dalceann. Since her late father had been one of the few Scottish lords to refuse to bend to French rule, her castle has been under siege for ages. Nevertheless, something draws Isobel to Marc. She allows him into her keep, where she nurses him back to health. They also fall in love–but can their love survive when Marc returns, the head of the army that has been sent to crush Dalceann once and for all?

Note: This book deserves a TRIGGER WARNING, not just in the rating, but also above the fold.

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Impoverished Miss, Convenient Wife

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Phoebe Benedict is prepared for a fight when she shows up (with a kitten) at Simon Clare’s doorstep. After all, he was expecting his sister Diana to come and care for his dangerously ill son, Robert. Instead, Phoebe arrives. Simon Clare is known for his temper, and he has been a recluse since he was injured and scarred by an engine upon which he was experimenting. He is also scarred by his past–one that he would hide from the delectable Miss Benedict. Only her skill with Robert persuades Simon to keep Phoebe on.

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Bought: The Penniless Lady

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Hadrian Northmore climbed from the coal mines of Durham to a position of wealth through his business ventures in the East Indies. He provides his youngest brother with the education and means to win a place in Parliament and abolish the dismal conditions that killed the rest of their family. When Hadrian returns to England only to discover that Julian died in a duel, he is devastated. He is also determined to gain custody of his illegitimate nephew. However, Lady Artemis Dearing, who has raised little Lee since her sister and brother’s deaths, is not willing to relinquish him. Faced with eviction from her home, Artemis arranges a marriage of convenience with Hadrian so she can raise Lee herself. Continue reading “Bought: The Penniless Lady”

Pickpocket Countess

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Brandon Wycroft, Earl of Stockport, and the investors in his proposed textile mill have been plagued by a cat-burgler who is bent on shutting down their venture. One night, as Brandon and his colleagues are meeting, the burglar strikes his own home. When he corners the crafty creature, he discovers that the person who has plagued his project is a woman–and a very sexy one who is willing to use her wiles to escape. Frustrated in more than one way, Brandon swears to discover the identity of the desirable woman he dubs “Cat.”

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Seduction of an English Beauty

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Lady Diana Farren is practically alone as she continues her grand tour around Europe. Because her sister married in secret in France, Diana is left to savor the art, history, and culture of Rome with only her governess, Miss Wood, for company. Unlike Mary, Diana has no interest in any of those things. She likes men–and that is why she was shipped off to Europe in the first place. Now, she is pursued by a fortune hunter on one hand, and an Italian rake on the other…

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The Alchemist’s Daughter

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In Jerusalem, Isidora Binte Deogel watches as her father–a driven and talented alchemist–slowly poisons himself with his dangerous experiments. Shut out from his scholarship, Isidora struggles both with her exclusion and her dislike for the obsession that is driving her father to madness and death. Then a handsome, fair knight, Lucien de Griswold, arrives at their doorstep, obsessed with a desire to learn alchemy himself. Several years after Lucien’s return to England, Deogel’s dying wish is for Isidora to deliver his dangerous discoveries to his favorite apprentice. This request compels the young woman to travel to a new land and either betray her father or give the man she loves the key to his own destruction.

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From Waif to Gentleman’s Wife

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Mrs. Joanna Merrill is a proud woman: when her husband dies, she is unwilling to throw herself into the care of her older brother. Instead, she works as a governess. When her lecherous employer forces her to flee with pennies in her pocket, she travels across the country to her brother’s house. When she arrives–famished, dirty, and frozen through–at the estate he manages, she learns he’s been dismissed from his post. In his place she finds the new manager, Ned Greaves, and promptly faints at his feet. As for Mr. Greaves, he has bigger problems than a mysterious woman at his doorstep. He is, in fact, Sir Edward Greaves, new owner of the impoverished and ruined estate, operating in disguise to uncover the criminal elements who are inciting locals to violence.

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For My Lady’s Honor

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In 1222, women had few options. They were completely at the mercy of their fathers to dispose of as they willed. But Lady Alys Delamare has finally convinced her parents to let her join a convent, where she will be able to pursue her true passion: writing chronicles of the adventures she wheedles out of everyone she meets. Perhaps as a ploy to be less attractive, perhaps because she’s so distracted by her inner life, Lady Alys seems to everyone to be a bit dim. Much to the surprise of Sir Padrig ap Huw–the man charged to escort Alys to her future home–there’s much more to his lady than he expected. Then, a raging storm sidetracks their train’s progress–and leads Lady Alys and Sir Padrig into an inconvenient romance . . .

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Marriage of Mercy

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Grace Curtis used to be from the higher-ups, but her father, prior to his death, squandered their wealth, and died in debt. Grace took charge of her life, and went to work for the local baker–first, to work off her family’s debt, then for herself. The old Lord Thomson loves her little cream pastries, and is kind to her…and upon his death, leaves her with a little home to live in, and a difficult charge–take his bastard son in!

Captain Duncan is a prisoner of war, held in the notorious prison at Dartmoor, a privateer on the wrong side of an encouter with a English man-o-war. When Grace goes with Lord Thomson’s solicitor to fetch the man on parole, though, he’s dying, and his final wish is for her to take in one of his men, who will pose as him. Grace looks around her, and chooses the sailing master, Rob Inman.

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