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Professor Viola Bennett has written a scathing review of Stephen Silkwood’s latest novel, finding his detective hero Max quite a brute–and now she gets to share a stage with him on a panel.  Oh, but there’s more: eleven years ago, when she was a tender 17-year-old, he was her first love, and her first kiss!

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Relentless Desire

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Young widow Leigh Bransom is having her baby on the side of a deserted Texas highway! She thought she could make it to help, but in West Texas, things are too far apart for that.  A dirty, rugged young cowboy named Chad Dillon happens by, and skillfully delivers her baby in the bed of his rusty old pickup truck.  He then takes her to the nearest hospital, and vanishes without a trace, leaving behind some flowers, and a sweet kiss on her cheek.

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