Lady with the Devil’s Scar

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When the shipwrecked Marc de Courtenay washes up on the shores of French-occupied Scotland, he is picked up by the badly-scarred Lady Isobel Dalceann. Since her late father had been one of the few Scottish lords to refuse to bend to French rule, her castle has been underĀ siegeĀ for ages. Nevertheless, something draws Isobel to Marc. She allows him into her keep, where she nurses him back to health. They also fall in love–but can their love survive when Marc returns, the head of the army that has been sent to crush Dalceann once and for all?

Note: This book deserves a TRIGGER WARNING, not just in the rating, but also above the fold.

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The Alchemist’s Daughter

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In Jerusalem, Isidora Binte Deogel watches as her father–a driven and talented alchemist–slowly poisons himself with his dangerous experiments. Shut out from his scholarship, Isidora struggles both with her exclusion and her dislike for the obsession that is driving her father to madness and death. Then a handsome, fair knight, Lucien de Griswold, arrives at their doorstep, obsessed with a desire to learn alchemy himself. Several years after Lucien’s return to England, Deogel’s dying wish is for Isidora to deliver his dangerous discoveries to his favorite apprentice. This request compels the young woman to travel to a new land and either betray her father or give the man she loves the key to his own destruction.

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For My Lady’s Honor

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In 1222, women had few options. They were completely at the mercy of their fathers to dispose of as they willed. But Lady Alys Delamare has finally convinced her parents to let her join a convent, where she will be able to pursue her true passion: writing chronicles of the adventures she wheedles out of everyone she meets. Perhaps as a ploy to be less attractive, perhaps because she’s so distracted by her inner life, Lady Alys seems to everyone to be a bit dim. Much to the surprise of Sir Padrig ap Huw–the man charged to escort Alys to her future home–there’s much more to his lady than he expected. Then, a raging storm sidetracks their train’s progress–and leads Lady Alys and Sir Padrig into an inconvenient romance . . .

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