Summer’s Lease

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Laurie Stephens and her mother have taken a big step–they bought a lovely old ranch home, and have opened a hotel in it. Despite both of them having held jobs in the hotel world, it’s not going well, and Laurie is getting worried…until Rolf Audley suddenly crashes into their lives–literally!

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Esmeralda Jones is a nurse, and has a bit of a crush on one of the residents; but there’s a problem, you see…she’s a cripple.  So when the dashing Dutch surgeon, a friend of one of the local doctors, offers to fix her foot up–well, maybe Leslie will notice her then!

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The Unexpected Husband

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Lydia Kelso, self-described old spinster (at 26?  puh-lease), is concerned about her older, more-flighty sister’s welfare. Daisy has apparently decided to have a baby by editorial cartoonist Joe Jordan, whether he’s cooperative or not. So Lydia goes to talk to him. Little does she know what she’s in for.

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In Love With Her Boss

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Lori Hanson is trying to start over; she’s moved from the South, where she was born and raised, to small-town Montana, to try to connect with her mother’s roots, and get away from her abusive ex-husband.  She sure didn’t plan on falling for her first boss! Josh Anderson is tall, hunky, and hurt by the death of his wife three years ago. Clearly, these two damaged souls couldn’t manage to find each other…or can they?

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Fortune Found

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Flint Fortune, recently returned former black sheep of the family, is being set up. The family has been in a bit of turmoil the last few months, and there have been several of the notoriously-loner Fortune men who have found true love–but not Flint, no way! Especially not with the lovely widow who is the sister of his brother’s fiancee. Four kids, after all…

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Amanda Lane is a woman bent on vengeance. Her sister was recently murdered, her classified work as a chemist linked with terrorists. Amanda is certain that the recent change in her sister’s career, and the modeling agent she was in love with, had something to do with it. She’ll use all her skill as an FBI agent to figure this mystery out…if dashing private security guru Bolt Tanner doesn’t distract her too much!

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Hot To The Touch

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Darcy Clark is a successful lady–she owns her own restaurant, and it’s becoming more successful all the time; she’s put in a lot of hard work to get there, and she just doesn’t have time for the distraction of a man who’s gonna tell her how to live her life.  No way. So one night, she goes out to eat at a competitor’s joint, and meets…him.  A one night fling, a hotel room, no names.  Great idea, right?

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The Sheriff & the Amnesiac

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Sheriff Tyler Cook doesn’t get a lot of excitement in his small home town of Bridal Veil Falls; it’s a far cry from his days on the pro rodeo circuit. So when the call comes from the cafe that a strange redheaded woman is unable to pay for her meal, he’s gotta check her…I mean, the situation…out!  He gets more than he bargained for when the sassy stranger gets hit by a car while crossing the street right before his eyes…she doesn’t know who she is!

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An Ideal Wife

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Louisa Howarth works as a receptionist for a kindly old doctor; he’s brought in a fellow practitioner to help out when he needs a break, and Dr. Thomas Gifford is hot.  Louisa finds out that he is engaged to the flighty, shallow Helena, while she’s been dating a somewhat pompous attorney–hey, wouldn’t Percy and Helena be a great match for each other?

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Sarah Tallentire is in a difficult position: she is the daughter of a wealthy strip-miner in Rivertown, and the man she is involved with is an avid environmentalist who opposes everything her father represents. Lance Glover–a hill-person who rose above his roots and became a local school teacher–has always been fascinated with her. Then, suddenly, Sarah and Lance find themselves a married couple, living under her father’s roof. Sarah never anticipates the anger roiling through the Rivertown community until the strip-miners dig up the bodies of two children whose parents wouldn’t give up their land. This callous event leads to a bitter conflict between the hill-people and miners, Yankee welfare workers and conservative local factions, and Lance and Sarah. As the battle heats up, Sarah finds herself being ripped to pieces–to whom must she be loyal? Her father . . . or her husband?

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