About the Contributors

Amy Daltry (Site Owner, Senior Editor)

Specialties:  Contemporary, Western, Futuristic

Amy Daltry picked up her first romance novel at the age of 21, on a summer day home from college, and has been hooked ever since. A technology nerd by trade, she’s the one who does all the web work to make Numbers On The Spines as you see it here.

Amy is a huge fan of the contemporary-romance genre, and when she can find them, will happily pick up futuristic or sci-fi romance crossovers. Having been raised in West Texas, she’s rather nit-picky about realism in Western-themed romances, but is always looking for another good one…

Amy is in the process of writing her own first novel, for release in 2015.


Anne Neville (Contributor Emerita)

Specialties:  Victorian/Regency period, gothic

Anne NevilleAnne Neville is a dramaturg, writer, editor, and researcher of literature and theatre history. She’s an avid reader of long-forgotten plays, historical fiction, Regency and Victorian romance, and Gothic novels. Secondary interests include fantasy, magic, and the supernatural. Anne is particularly interested in how literary tropes are used, reinvented, and overturned in popular literature. She loves nothing more than a good page-turner, a cup of tea, and a Siberian cat on her lap.



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