Dancing in the Moonlight

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Dr. Jake Dalton grew up in Pine Gulch, Idaho, and is pretty happy with his life, overall–he came back after finishing his studies to become the town’s doctor.  It’s tiring work, but well worth it.  As he’s headed home late one night, he spots a vehicle on the side of the road, a woman struggling to change a tire.  He’s not seen Maggie Cruz in a long, long time!

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How to Lasso a Cowboy

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Jenna Reed, self-avowed dowdy schoolmarm (at the ripe old age of almost-thirty–don’t get me started!) has finally decided to do something wild, and see the world. She’s got a trip to Europe all planned for the summer break, and is rather excited about the idea of meeting a lovely man for a wild fling while she’s there…

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Friday Night Mistress

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Jordan Lake and Nick Thorne have a problem–they’ve been carrying on a weekly affair for some time now, but their fathers are bitter enemies, thanks to sheer stubbornness, and a tragedy in the distant past. They have to sit in court and stare malevolently at each other while their fathers battle out this latest lawsuit, but that’s not really what they’d like to be doing…

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