About Numbers On The Spines

So, what’s this about, anyway?

It’s about series romance novels!  There are plenty of review sites out there that keep up with the new stuff, but there is a huge body of work out there dating back over sixty years, in Harlequin’s case.  Many of these great stories can be had for a pittance at your local used bookstore, or if you’re lucky, at garage or estate sales!  So let’s find some good ones!

But, but….that’s a huge job!

Yes.  Yes, it is.  There have been a lot of these things published.  A lot.  So I guess we won’t ever run out now, will we?  In the future, we’ll present other tools for fans of category romances to use to keep up with their own reading habits, and to explore new nooks and crannies in the genre!


Yes, Amazon.  They’re a good place to get these, particularly if you don’t have a good used bookstore around.  If you want to find and read one of these based on what I’ve said, please consider clicking on the Amazon logo or the book cover image, and buy it from them; they give a little bit back for referring you, which will help fund this blog.  Thanks oodles.