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Amy’s Top-Ten for 2012

December 31, 2012

In the half-year since Anne and I started this blog, I’ve read and reviewed a lot of books.  A few are real stinkers, many are quite good, but there are a handful that stand out in the memory, and that is the list we’re focusing on as we close out the year.

These tales may not have gotten the highest ratings; those values are highly time-sensitive and subjective, of course. But these are the ones, in reviewing the list at the end of the year, that bring back the fondest memories, are the most-memorable stories, with the most-lovable characters.

Without further fanfare, here is my top-ten list for the year, in no particular order:


Anne’s Top Ten of 2012

December 30, 2012

Since I began reviewing for Numbers on the Spine in June, I have read over seventy books, some of which, unfortunately, are still sitting beside my desk awaiting their reviews. As we reach the end of 2012, I have made a final push to write up my favorites.

The following list catalogues books that have made a lasting impression–the ones that I look back upon with fondness or have–when possible–squirreled away on my “to keep” bookshelf because I am loathe to part with them. The books did not always receive the highest possible marks, but there is something about them that remains compelling, even months after I put them down.

Without further ado, here are my Top Ten in no particular order:


At the Billionaire’s Beck and Call?

December 28, 2012

Ryder Bramson has a plan–he needs to get control of his business conglomerate away from his two illegitimate brothers. To do that, he needs to buy control of a company that has holdings in the conglomerate…and to do that–the owner insists that Richard marry his daughter, Macy Ashley, herself a talented CEO candidate!


An Uncommon Governess

December 26, 2012

“Freddy Tyne’s gone and done it, by damn . . . Took him donkey’s years, but his sticky fingers’ll be lightening my purse from now till lilies bloom in hell” (1).

Playboy Valentine North is horrified when his cousin–who has spent his married life in the wilds of Canada–dies, leaving Val two little savages as wards. There’s no way that he’s going let the little monsters upset his comfortable life, and there is no way he’s going to let some sneaky governess trap him into the Parson’s Mousetrap! So, he concocts an outrageous plan: he’ll disguise himself as his own man of business, hire a house and a governess, and wash his hands of the brats. When his band of comrades wager that Val will be incapable of managing the affair and will end up married within a year, he is even more determined to carry out his plan.


Ranger Daddy

December 25, 2012

Transcript of book chat with Amy and Anne:

(Warning:  There are spoilers below the fold!)


Ranger Daddy

Gabi Rafferty has been more-or-less happily raising her young daughter Ashley alone, until her ex, who had signed away his rights years ago, turned up, and started causing trouble. Gabi flees, and ends up at Yosemite, where a friend she hasn’t seen since high school works.  Ranger Jeff Thompson, married once himself, is still kicking himself over his past with Gabi–until the day she shows up at the park.


Ranger Daddy

Gabi Rafferty’s peaceful vacation with her daughter, Ashley, is interrupted by the news that her violent ex-husband has resurfaced and is suing for visitation. Terrified, Gabi grabs Ashley and starts driving to Yosemite Park. A few months earlier, she’d seen a handsome ranger’s photograph in the newspaper. Now, the only place she can feel safe is under that the protection of that man–the high school sweetheart who’d vanished into thin air so many years ago.


Christmas Day Tag Team Tuesday!

This Tag Team Tuesday, we review our first Harlequin American Romance, one I picked out of the pile–Ranger Daddy, by Rebecca Winters.  Our reviews and chat transcript will be going up in the next hour.  Enjoy!

Tiger Bound

December 20, 2012

When an evil force threatens the reclusive Katie Maddox, a shape-shifting healer with an underdeveloped ability to see the future, she needs someone to watch over her. Although the ranks of the Sentinels have been damaged by an attack by their mortal enemies, the Core, they manage to send the highly-protective Maks Altán. Unfortunately, the taciturn and private Maks is suffering from an illness that impedes his powers. Worse, he and Katie are drawn to each other–a dangerous situation, when his animal-form is a Siberian tiger and hers is a deer. Can predator and prey work as a team? Or will they destroy each other before their mysterious enemy strikes?


The Bluestocking on His Knee

December 19, 2012

Kevin Whattling is one step away from Debtor’s Prison, and the only thing that can save him is marriage to an heiress–and fast! To that purpose, he reviews the possible candidates and, to his friends’ shock, selects Miss Eugennia Welch. They hardly seem a suitable match. After all, Kevin is a well-known Corinthian, and Eugennia is the epitome of a bluestocking–and notoriously eccentric at that. However, Kevin arrives–freely admitting his financial distress and subsequent desire to woo her–right as Eugennia is wondering what it would be like if Prince Charming showed up on her doorstep. So, what can be the harm in giving Kevin a chance? She might even learn a little something about boxing along the way.