The Pregnant Mistress

Samantha Brewster has really had it with her family trying to push one more “suitable” man on her, trying to matchmake–and she’s not looking forward to meeting dowdy old Greek shipping magnate Demetrios Karas. He’s not looking forward to meeting his friend’s dowdy old spinster sister-in-law, either, and he’s tired of the matchmakers in his life, too. Now, this gorgeous person the truly-hunky Demetrios met at the party in Sao Paulo…

…of course, is Samantha. And she knows he’s Demetrios, but he doesn’t know whom he has met. After nearly jumping in the sack together (in a barn!), things go badly, and Samantha gets back to New York, and her work as a translator. But they end up shoved back together again, by her sister and brother-in-law, who don’t know about the debacle at the barn. He needs a translator, you see, for some delicate negotiations for his business, and she’s one of the best. She takes the job, and they’re off like a whirlwind.

You can surmise, being the clever person I know you are, that they do, eventually, manage to get together. There’s some back and forth, of course–this isn’t Harlequin Blaze, after all, so it’s got to take some time to get there. In this case, it’s the employer-employee relationship that they both keep telling themselves is holding them apart. They’re both seriously hot for each other, and the frustration builds, and builds, and builds…until she gets injured nearly getting run over by his car!

Since you’re so clever, and have seen that title up there, you may also surmise that she becomes pregnant, and is thoroughly shocked by this turn of events. To tell more would be to give away the whole story, though, so I’ll stop there!

Our protagonists in this novel are rich and gorgeously done. Neither, of course, is perfect; they’re both stubborn, independent, and absolutely not wanting to give up their lives to anyone else’s control. He’s used to getting his own way, she’s used to making her own way, and neither of them likes it that they have to listen to someone else, regardless of their employment relationship. After the accident, when they finally admit to each other that they’re attracted, things are comfortable for a while, because neither of them expects it to last. Then Sam realizes she’s pregnant…

I said I’d stop there, didn’t I? Well, rats. Oh, well. Suffice to say, this is one of the finer stories I’ve read in this line in a good while. The intimate scenes are not numerous, but are nicely described, without being tawdry; our hero and heroine are not merely good in bed together, they’re awesome, and it shows clearly in the writing. There is an interesting supporting cast, as well, that makes me want to go track down some more of this author’s continuity and see what gems can be found there. The Pregnant Mistress will not challenge your perceptions or give you deep insight. It’s a fluffy romance novel, pure and simple, an easy read that nonetheless enchants, with wonderful setting and story, charmingly real characters, and a love story that’s easy to fall right into.

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