The Billionaire Gets His Way

Violet Tandy is a new author on a mission; all she wants is a white picket fence, a home of her own, tranquil and alone–so she wrote a memoir about being a high-priced prostitute. Which, uhm, you know, she really isn’t, but can’t seem to convince anyone of. She writes her fiction very, very well, you see–so much that Gavin Mason is sure she’s integrated him into one of her characters and ruined his reputation!

Gavin is, of course, himself up from the streets, and he’s clawed his way to the top, and not going to let some floozy write lies about him, and ruin all that he’s done. So he lawyers up, of course. But when he’s got a society function to go to, and no woman will go with him, he tracks “Raven French” (Violet’s pen name) down, and insists that she go as his date.

Okay, right here, I’ve got a little problem. Any lawyer worth their salt would have told Gavin to steer clear, and anyone with Gavin’s record of success wouldn’t need to be told that, anyway…but it makes a fine story, you know? And never mind that she charged up to his office right away, too, to try to talk him down off the cliff.

Once Gavin finally looks past the haze of anger at the situation Violet is living in, the light bulb starts to come on. There’s no way a high-class call girl would live in a dump like that, and when she starts to talk about her upbringing as a foster child, that’s when it dawns on him, and he realizes–though she doesn’t know it yet–that she’s much more “his type” than those high-society women he’s been chasing all along; she’s real. Things get super-steamy, super fast.

I had a little trouble wrapping my brain around Gavin at first, but when he later gets into a fist-fight at the country club over his date, I start to see the guy he really is. Violet, on the other hand, is a thoroughly believable character; she’s a total newb in the writing arena (like me), and is baffled by all the ranting and raving that people do about how good at it she is (also, like me).

The sex scenes in this tale are explicitly hot, pretty typically for this line, and Bevarly’s description of Chicago give us a decent sense of the setting, especially at key moments in the tale, without burdening us with a lot of detail to keep up with. We get to focus on the story, and on what this story is really about. Which, for a change, isn’t about the sex–unusally for this line, there’s a bit of a moral to this story, and it’s something that I’ve had occasion to think about in my own life recently. In Gavin’s words:

“There’s a lot to be said for coming from the wrong part of town. For one thing, it allows you to know what’s really important.”
“Money and social standing?” she asked, fully aware he knew better than that.
He shook his head. “People who care about you for who you really are, in spite of everything else. People you can care about in return, in the very same way.”

The Billionaire Gets His Way is not as steamy a story as you might expect from the cover and blurb, but it’s a sweet love story, and an entertaining read, with some “real” people you can enjoy meeting.

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