Blade’s Lady

Anna Tarrant has had it kind of rough, all her life. She’s convinced that her stepfather is trying to kill her, and has been since she was 11. So she’s run into hiding, and has managed to stay one step ahead of him for years now. Throughout, she’s had this fantasy of a gallant knight who would be there, and help her recover her inheritance, and expose the treacherous stepfather for what he really is.

…or is it a fantasy?

Blade Lombard has had his sleep invaded for years now, by a mysterious woman; clearly she needs his help, but he’s not even sure she’s real! Until one night, he sees a glowing neon sign in the dream, that he’s never seen before.  He wakes, and looks up the name, and finds it’s a business right in his city!

I gave this tale the “Paranormal” tag, as Anna, obviously, is an empath, and she has a connection to Blade that goes back a long way, to when they were children. She’s unaware that she’s speaking into his dreams, at first, but as the story unwinds, they figure out how her inner-voice works, and the workings of it are crucial to the latter part of the story.

I don’t believe in such things, okay? I’m deeply agnostic, and don’t much believe in psychic powers, the tooth fairy, honest politicians, telekinesis, or gods…but this tale was a good one, if you can suspend disbelief enough for the paranormal aspect.  For the sake of the tale, accept that she has this power, and you end up with a rollicking good story, with adventure (for the wicked stepfather has caught up with her at last!) and romance a-plenty.

The chemistry between this two is almost immediate.  They both realize that this is the person from their dreams–and she knows who he is, at once, but they don’t realize the other has had these strange dreams for years.  Blade’s never felt “connected” to another woman, until Anna, so when they finally realize their connection, they uncover an amazing level of passion.  Anna has been on the run for so long, that she’s scared; she doesn’t want Blade to get hurt by her stepfather, and tries to run, but the resourceful Blade keeps up with her, because he knows he must!

Our setting here is Auckland, New Zealand, a place we’ve been before for stories, and this one works. The Lombard family has been involved in shipping for years and years, so Blake, after serving in the military, is coming home to take up the family business.  There are enough details here and there in the book to give you a good sense of place.  This is a great tale all ’round, and I strongly recommend it.

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