Royally Pregnant

Emily Bridgewater is in a bit of a spot; strange men have kidnapped her grandmother, and threatened to kill the old lady, if Emily doesn’t do their bidding…but their bidding is a dangerous thing itself: infiltrate Prince Dylan of Penwyck’s home!

…so she manages to get struck a glancing blow by the Prince’s limousine, and feigns amnesia for a while, whilst she tries to figure out how to steal the documents from his safe that the mysterious kidnappers want.  Dylan is captivated by her beauty; she reminds him of an old flame, somewhat. When these two fall for each other, they fall hard, and then the truth comes out.

The title of this book gives away a spoiler; Emily becomes pregnant by the Prince, and doesn’t tell him until the very ending.  The UK title of this story is Seduced by a Prince, and that’s even somewhat problematic, too…that’s really not what this book is about, you know? Despite the misfit of the title, though, this is really a decently-done story with a little bit of intrigue and action in it. Dylan is, of course, hurt when he finds out that she has had her memory all along, and in fairly-typical man fashion, acts rather butt-hurt about it for a while, as he tries to sort out where her grandmother is being held and orchestrating a rescue mission.  But the truth of the matter is, predictably, that he just can’t get her off his mind…and so it goes.

Thoroughly predictable? Yes. Boring? Not at all!  Our heroine is a school teacher, and clearly made of sturdier stuff than we might expect, to be able to pull off her infiltration of the palace, and Dylan’s life. But she is almost-at-once weighed upon by the guilt of what she is doing, especially when the Prince, and his mother the Queen, treat her so kindly. Our hero is no spoiled brat–he’s a man of action, he’s made some mistakes, and he’s trying to keep his life his own, and not be sucked in by all the nonsense that comes with being royalty.  For the most part, he succeeds.

Two of our supporting cast, in particular, deserve some notice; the Queen, as I mentioned above, is a sweet, wonderful, thoroughly-good person. She loves her son very much, and wants him to be happy. She realizes almost at once that Emily is good for him, and is the voice of reason that brings him back to earth after she admits her perfidy. The other is Emily’s grandmother. This elderly woman is not even seen until the final chapters; she’s getting a little senile, and her interactions with the Prince make it clear she has no idea at all who he is: “I can’t have my granddaughter marrying riffraff.”

This is a clean, tidy story, with no huge surprises, that is very pleasant and easy to read. I’d very much like to pick up others from this continuity, and from this author!

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