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Marriage of Mercy

July 31, 2012

Transcript of book chat with Amy and Anne:

(Warning:  There are spoilers below the fold!)


Marriage of Mercy

Grace Curtis used to be from the higher-ups, but her father, prior to his death, squandered their wealth, and died in debt. Grace took charge of her life, and went to work for the local baker–first, to work off her family’s debt, then for herself. The old Lord Thomson loves her little cream pastries, and is kind to her…and upon his death, leaves her with a little home to live in, and a difficult charge–take his bastard son in!

Captain Duncan is a prisoner of war, held in the notorious prison at Dartmoor, a privateer on the wrong side of an encouter with a English man-o-war. When Grace goes with Lord Thomson’s solicitor to fetch the man on parole, though, he’s dying, and his final wish is for her to take in one of his men, who will pose as him. Grace looks around her, and chooses the sailing master, Rob Inman.


Marriage of Mercy

When Grace Curtis, the daughter of an improvident baronet, inherits nothing but debts, she must make a choice. She can either go into denial about her new poverty as her house falls down around her and the debt collectors pound at her door, or she can accept that she has “slipped.” Not one to enter denial, Grace makes the best choice she can: she sells her father’s manor, settles as many debts as possible, and indentures herself to couple who run a local bakery to settle their enormous bill. Ten years later, at twenty-eight years of age, she has accepted her new station in life. But then, the crotchety Lord Thompson—who has a weakness for Grace’s Quimby Creames and few relatives who treat him as well as she does—leaves her a legacy in his will. A legacy with a big string attached…


The first Tag Team Tuesday!

Beginning today, we’re introducing a new feature, called Tag Team Tuesday!  There will be two reviews of the same book, and then the two reviewers will have a chat; we’ll post the log here.

Look for those as three entries, in the next hour or so.

We hope you enjoy this new occasional feature.  Our first is a pick by Anne, titled Marriage of Mercy.

Royally Pregnant

July 29, 2012

Emily Bridgewater is in a bit of a spot; strange men have kidnapped her grandmother, and threatened to kill the old lady, if Emily doesn’t do their bidding…but their bidding is a dangerous thing itself: infiltrate Prince Dylan of Penwyck’s home!


Love Climbs In

July 28, 2012

The Marquis of Troon has been chafing ever since he returned from fighting on the Continent. Nothing satisfies his lust for action and and the thrill of the fight. To distract himself, he has thrown himself into affairs, pranks, gambling, and high-stakes racing. Now, he realizes that he has to safe-guard his family seat from his radical younger brother. That means marriage and an heir. As one last fling before proposing to his notorious mistress, the Marquis arranges an ultra-dangerous midnight steeplechase with cash prizes. When he jokes that his contenders should make wills, he doesn’t expect anyone to take it seriously. Then, after his runner-up dies from a heart attack, Serle discovers that the man had drawn up a legal document–making the Marquis his daughter’s guardian! continue…

Lord of Illusions

July 26, 2012

Lord Wodesby, England’s chief mage, has been adrift ever since he lost his magic from casting a dangerous spell to save Wellington’s army. At the same time, the beautiful Rowan Du Le Fey–a widow with a young daughter–finds herself the unwilling pawn of her fanatical stepson. If she fails to use her power as a Mindwalker to extract information from Sir Hector Southwood about Napoleon’s imprisonment on Elba, her little girl will become child-bride. Rowan cannot bear to see her little girl forced to endure the same tortures that she herself barely survived, so she insinuates herself into a diplomat’s home and begins passing on information. When Damien arrives, disguised as the Master Illusionist “Oberon,” he knows he must ferret out the spy. However, he doesn’t expect to fall in love with a dowdy governess with secrets of her own . . .


Big Sky Bride, Be Mine

July 22, 2012

Jenna Bowen has had a rough, rough winter; both her parents passed away rather suddenly, and they were tending to her niece, the daughter of her sister who had died a few months before. So she adopts baby Abby, but the family farm is about to be auctioned off for back taxes–and the most-likely buyer is a businessman who wants to turn it into a football training complex!


The Scandalous Wager

July 21, 2012

When a group of old friends liven up their card game by putting unusual stakes on the table–distasteful duties and worthless old things that they would like to get rid of–it’s all in good fun. That is, until their drunken guest, the young Vicomte Duvalier, offers up his old maiden aunt in exchange for a worthless Irish bog! Disgusted by the wager but constrained by honor to play his hand, the Earl of Rotherham plays to lose. But the woman who shows up on his doorstep is not the dowdy old spinster that he’d been led to expect.


The Highland Brooch

July 17, 2012

The wealthy, raven-haired Fiona Cartwright has powerful enemies. She has spurned too many suitors, among them the dangerous Lord Morney, who had tried to make her his mistress. To exact revenge on the “Snow Maiden,” Lord Morney offers the only man who has caught Fiona’s eye ten thousand pounds to court her and get their engagement announced in the gazettes. Then the proud, impoverished Highlander is free to abandon Fiona at the altar. For Wallace Frazer, the wager is impossible to refuse–even if it is distasteful. After all, it was Fiona’s father who had driven his people from their land, wringing every penny of the fortune she inherited from his clan’s suffering.