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The Best Laid Plans

June 30, 2012

Catherine Prescott D’Eauville, a wealthy American heiress, has just arrived in England to fullfil her father’s ambitions: to establish herself in society by marrying a impoverished English peer. No one with a rank lower than “Earl” need apply. Meanwhile, the independent-minded, unconventional, and adventurous Cat aims to satisfy herself by wedding a man complacent enough not to interfere with her own desires for freedom and world-travel. However, she does not anticipate meeting the intelligent and charming Lord Weyland, who fails to meet any of the criteria on her carefully composed “List.”


In His Loving Arms

June 29, 2012

Mark Remington is sent by his adopted family to check on his brother’s widow, Lauren McKenzie.  She’s not getting out, not engaging, and they’re worried about her!  Mark really doesn’t want to go; he’s not seen her in seven years, for what he thinks are quite valid reasons, given what happened on the eve of Lauren and Nate’s wedding…


Vampire Sheikh

June 28, 2012

Josslyn Haliday has suffered a lot of losses in Egypt. First, her mother disappeared into the desert, leaving behind her archeologist husband and three daughters. Then, years later, her father vanishes into the sands as well. Now, in the space of a single summer of research, both Josslyn’s sisters have gone missing, too. Gemma’s final words of warning echo in her ears: Beware the vampire.


Phantom Marriage

June 27, 2012

Tara is a single mom of twins; the story is that her husband died in an accident whilst she was pregnant with them, and now she’s too busy being a single mother to get involved with anyone, even with her employer, who’d clearly like to.  But she has a secret, about the real father of the children.


One Unashamed Night

June 26, 2012

At twenty-eight, Beatrice-Maude Bassingstoke has survived marriage to an abusive alcoholic who shamed her for her plain appearance and her barrenness. Now that she is widowed, she is determined never again to allow herself to be silenced or isolated. Mistress of her own fortune, she cherishes her independence. Then, one snowy night on her journey to London, she meets a remarkable gentleman: Lord Taris Wellingham. When their carriage breaks down, they seek shelter in a barn and comfort in each other’s arms. They part the next morning, planning never to meet again.


Always and Forever

June 25, 2012

Amabel lives all alone, in the back of beyond, running the bed-and-breakfast in her home, while her mother is away in Canada (how exotic, hm?).  Dr. Oliver Fforde and his mother stop in for the night on their travels, and Amabel is smitten.  But nothing could possibly come of it–he’s a London doctor, and she’s a nobody from out in the weeds.


Lady Blue

June 24, 2012

When Meriel Hathaway is turned away without references from her first post as a governess, she has nowhere to turn. She lost her job for slapping her bratty charge after he poured ink all over her hair. Now, Meriel’s freakishly blue locks leave her few options for employment. Therefore, when handsome prankster Lord Farr approaches Meriel with an unusual gig–impersonating a castle ghost, the infamous, blue-skinned, blue-gowned, blue-haired “Lady Blue”–she cannot refuse his proposition.



June 23, 2012

Verity Clifford does not look her best when she emerges from the convict hold in the ship’s steerage after the end of the long sea voyage to Jamestown. Unjustly accused of theft, the ex-governess has saved her virtue by trading away almost every scrap of her clothing. When Gray Garnett–a wealthy American plantation owner who has just been jilted by his intended British bride–sees her body so brazenly exposed, he has no doubt about her profession before her deportation.


The Duchess Disappeared

June 22, 2012

When the imperious Duke of Strathrannock suddenly summons his eight-year-old, orphaned niece to be raised as his heiress and the future leader of his Clan, her guardian, Fiona Windham, is filled with indignation. How dare the man who had–along with his bigoted father–disinherited her brother-in-law for marrying an Englishwoman try to separate Fiona from her ward? 


Front Page Engagement

June 11, 2012

Carrie Gray has a very annoying neighbor.  She’s a house sitter for a wealthy prince who owns apartment 12B, and the millionaire playboy next door, Trent Tanford, just can’t seem to give his girlfriends proper directions to apartment 12A!  “Tanford’s Troops” come knocking at all hours of the day and night, looking for him, and she finally decides it’s time to talk to him about it!